Dear Me,

Dreams of Falling Out

I had a dream that I was driving away away. I drove into a reoccurring dream. I drove into a familiar complex with cars aggressively packed in. The housing towered and leaned over me while I cruised to find a spot. I came to see a friend that my heart would be glad to see. It was always tricky walking up those uneven and treacherous stairs. Shifty, birdy eyes peeked out from curtains to watch me. I ignored them to focus on the tricky stairs.

I stepped inside and greeted my bustling friend. She had a baby on her hip and chores to handle. She buttered me with overly excited and thoughtless small talk. It was nice to see her anyway.

I left feeling like an intruder to meet at an amusement park. I don’t remember it being flashy or fun-looking. But we got into a wide and rectangular boat anyway. The ride jolted slightly when it started and we started to loop upside down. I went to grab the restraints to find that we didn’t have any. No one panicked. Gravity lifted me upside-down towards the floor. No one saw me hanging on by my perspired hand. “No,” I said it with conviction so that I felt myself wake up a little. The boat hung upside down and swung side to side until I let go. I fell with a small exhale and a thud. The boat finished its loop and flew on. It didn’t hurt. I was only embarrassed and afraid that I was dead. My arms were contorted and broken, so I stayed face down and embarrassed that I had been the only one to fall out.  

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