Dear Me,

A Dream of Lobsters in my Backyard

I had a dream that I was standing with my nose pressed against the glass. I was looking into an aquarium that held my childhood backyard inside. There was a channel of water passing through it, rich with things that the sea likes to eat. There was a group of disfigured lobsters scavenging for food. Their tails had been torn off and eaten by rich people so they walked on their front claws. They gathered around the rich water channel and were reaching out for scraps that passed by when something large and ominous startled them and hurried them away.

It was a children’s soccer game. They scored goals into the wall of eight foot trees that looked like furry pencils. When I lived there, I used to jump through them blindly and have faith that the brick planter would catch me. Nervous betting adults paced inside the living room and looked out the window at the hustling kids.

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